Broken Garage Door – Now What?


If your garage door looks anything like the one above forget about repairing it. Once the metal panels get creased in the grooves it’s usually the end of your door. You can’t push those back out and expect it to work well. There is just no way. We also don’t recommend you try fixing something like that on your own.

There are many situations where you can and you wan’t to fix the door yourself.

Garage Door Parts You CAN Change Yourself

Here are a couple parts you can and want to change yourself:

  • Hinges
  • Top 4 rollers
  • Rubber Seal
  • Garage door opener
  • Remotes
  • Keypads
  • Batteries
  • Circuit boards


Why Change Garage Door Parts On Your Own

Why would you want to change these garage door parts yourself you ask?

The answer is simple.

Calling a garage door company will result in a one hundred dollars, at MINIMUM. Where you can do the easy repair yourself and save a bunch of money.

Another reason is that the majority of these repairs are simple! Changing a battery? Piece of cake! why should or would you pay someone any money to pop off a cover and change a battery?

The hinges too are incredibly easy. All you do is unscrew the 4 screws and place the new one in the exact same spot. Wala, you’re done and saved yourself money. Go get a coffee, with that extra money you have. Or buy me a cup 😛

Certain parts should definitely be left to the pros. Things like a crooked or door off track,  broken torsion springs, and cable replacement should all be handled by someone who knows exactly what they are doing. You can be seriously hurt if you ignore this.

Changing a garage door opener on your own is a bit more of an involved task but can save you potentially hundreds of dollars. Beyond that you won’t have to worry about a service technician trying to up-sell you on parts you don’t even need.

Garage Door Parts

You might be wondering, ” Where can I buy garage door parts? “

Let me tell you where. You can go looking for local distributors who may or may not sell the parts to you. Places like Clopay or Wayne Dalton.

This website has all kinds of garage door parts. Feel free to visit that address and look around. You should be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.

So if you ever run into a situation where you feel like a garage door technician is trying to screw you. Tell him to take a hike and go search for the part online. Worst case scenario, you can’t find the part and you use a different repairman.

Personally i’d rather save my money and take a few extra minutes to learn how to take care of a home repair rather than possible overpay someone to do a job that takes only a few minutes. But that’s just me. Feel free to decide for yourself but i’ve given ya some solid pointers.

Have a terrific day!




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